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ergo4u ltd. provides the ideal package of ergonomic consultation services together with innovative ergonomic products and solutions.

Who are we?

Ergo4u was founded by Gil and Dalit Ben-Tovim – ergonomic experts with a broad background in the public health, biomechanics, epidemiology, physiology and sport therapy fields.

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Today Gil and Dalit are renowned ergonomic consultants and trainers who serve Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller corporations and organizations. They are the official Google Israel ergonomic consultants and they work with other global corporations including; NDS and Johnson & Johnson. The team has also partnered with hi-tech companies such as ECI, Nice and government institutions.

Product development


Having experienced the world of ergonomics first-hand ergo4u’s professional team discovered that a well designed ergonomic arm rest can help to prevent pain caused from:
strain injuries, repetitive stress injuries, wrist pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, tennis elbow.The ergocloud is been used successfully by the Israel department of low clerics, Google engineers in the Israeli office,  Nds workers and many more individuals and companies through out Israel and world wide.

Other services by ergo4u:

•    Designing and engineering ergonomic products
•    Conducting an ergonomic risk evaluation
•    Developing corporate ergonomic programs
•    Conducting individual ergonomic consultation coupled with  practical   ergonomic guidelines
•    Running comprehensive corporate ergonomic workshops
•    Providing consultation on ergonomic equipment, accessories and other health related matters that benefit workers
•    Providing physical activities guidelines to encourage improved posture and musculoskeletal system strengthening


Mary Evans
August 2nd, 2010

One more disadvantage to the “floating” arm position at the desk: IF a person has hyper-mobility in shoulder joints, OVER THE YEARS, the floating position can stretch the tendons and ligaments. It’s a good posture, but it’s too static, and if that is accompanied by stress and tension, or shoulder clenching…. results are not good.

August 3rd, 2010

Thank you for your comment.
Yes the hyper mobility issue is defiantly a problem, one more injury that is typical to people who work in the floating method is “Tennis Elbow” due to the extension in the wrist that a lot of them has, while typing and mousing.

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