Ergonomics – A Child’s play?

By gildalit

ergonomics for children

kids ergonomics

More and more studies reveal an increase in the number of children and teenagers suffering from a stiff neck as well as shoulder, wrist and lower back pains.

Kids today spend long hours in front of computers. If they’re not typing school homework, they are playing, reading, surfing or chatting with other kids sitting somewhere in front of another computer (sometimes in the same house or even in the same room!). Our world is swamped by computer culture, and our children swim in it quite comfortably.

We as parents, encourage them to develop their computer literacy and skills, being extremely aware of the world’s current state of affairs, which makes it imperative for its young citizens to master and be comfortable in computerized environments. But we have another basic and unavoidable duty towards our children: their health.

Long computer sessions entail physical and mental health risks, which can be easily avoided using ergonomics.

Working with a computer can cause a phenomenon called RSI – Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Those start as a slight inconvenience but can later develop into a chronic problem.

Here are some data, according to studies published lately on ergonomics for children:  If you’re a parent, you should read this!

  1. Children aged 6-17 spend an average of 10 hours a day (!!!) sitting in front of a television or computer screen, sitting at school or engaged in other sedentary activities.
  2. Orthopedics report an increase in skeletal muscle complaints among school children as a result of prolonged sitting sessions in front of computer stations that are not adjusted to their specific needs.
  3. Kids today might suffer from neck pains resulting from incorrect height and distance of screens positioning.
  4. Damage to tendons and ligaments as a result of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), is increasing constantly due to the usage of unsuitable mice and keyboards.
  5. Back pain, scoliosis and problems with the blood flow to the legs have become more and more common among children, as a result of inadequate sitting postures and usage of chairs unadjusted to their size.
  6. Children and parents alike are largely unaware of the dangers inherent in computerized environments!

In the modern technological world of today, more and more children must and do choose a working in front of a computer. These computerized environments will accompany our children throughout their lifetime, and it doesn’t seem they are going to disappear any time soon. On the contrary, computer culture is growing and developing fast, conquering more and more areas of our lives. Therefore, we as parents must make sure that our children learn and be computer literate. But simultaneously, we must also give them the ergonomic guidance and tools that will improve their quality of life, health and welfare.
Despite data showing a direct relation between orthopedic injuries and computer usage among children, very little attention is devoted to maintaining ergonomic principles at the computer work station at home.

Parents, this is your responsibility!

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