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Workplace Ergonomics – Does a mouse gel pad really help in preventing RSI and avoid hands and wrist pain?


Until recently, whenever you’d go to the doctor complaining about aches in your wrist due to using a mouse, probably the only advice you got was  – Use a gel pad for your mouse! And indeed, for the longest time this was the most popular solution, if not a highly effective one


Today, most ergonomics professionals agree that the mouse gel pad is not the ideal solution, and is certainly not the only solution! The pad is but one of many solutions, and each case should be examined individually, preferably through ergonomic consultation.


Supporting your wrist by a mouse gel pad has several disadvantages:

  • The support fixes your hand, so that all mouse movements are performed by your wrist, creating a constant stress on a small group of muscles, that might lead to damages and aches.
  • If the supporting pad is not soft enough, it might create a pressure point on the wrist, right at the carpal tunnel – an extremely sensitive spot.
  • And when the support is too elevated (a problem common in several designs), it might force the wrist to “break” and fixate it on a faulty working posture.


So – is it time to throw the old gel pad ? Before you toss it away, please pause and note – this kind of support is actually beneficial for a certain percentage people – those that have an arch-like structure in the part that connects the hand to the forearm, and using the pad to support it might help them while working with a mouse.


So, what else can you do if your hand aches?

  • Make sure your entire workstation is ergonomically organized. The best way is hiring an ergonomics specialist – go into the link for correct posture and sitting instructions.
  • Restore your hand using exercises for strength and flexibility – click here to go to a list of recommended exercises.
  • Plunge your hand into some cold water or use some ice to cool your hand at the end of your work session.
  • Consider choosing a vertical ergonomic mouse – it improves your hand posture, prevents your shoulder from the uncomfortable twist it has to perform for using a regular mouse, and makes it easy for your shoulder – elbow – wrist and hand to work together.

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Why do we tend to yawn so much when working with a computer?

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Opening our mouths in a wide yawn while staring at the computer screen. Does that sound familiar to you? Don’t be ashamed, you’re in good company. This is a phenomenon almost each and everyone of us experiences. It’s a bit uncomfortable when others at work, and worse even, our boss, stares at us yawning. So, What causes yawning and how can we prevent it?
There are many theories that try to explain why do we yawn, for example:
Yawning is related to boredom, fatigue, discomfort, crowded areas, lack of fresh air etc.
Yawning is intended to increase oxygen delivery to the brain.
Yawn is designed to cool the brain and make us stay awake.
But the yawning phenomenon is actually related to a bunch of other reasons, such as: poor sleeping quality, sleep deprivation (lack of sleeping hours), nutrition, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning etc.
I would like to introduce another, mostly unknown, reason – those pertaining to ergonomics – namely, not implementing the right ergonomic rules.

As an ergonomic consultant I run into a lot of computer users, who simply cannot stop yawning. I’m certain that a study looking into the relation of yawn frequency to work productivity level will uncover some interesting findings.
One of the most important goals of an ergonomic consultant is to make employees feel more comfortable in their working station. Correct work station arrangement and spacing plus stretching exercises can certainly improve employees feeling, reducing yawns and improving productivity.
So, dear employers, if you’re looking to increase the work productivity you are getting from your employees, you should invest in ergonomic consulting, make sure you have spacious work stations, consult with your ergonomics specialist on lighting and air conditioning.
The benefit you would reap will offset immensely any cost you pay.

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Exercises for computer best posture

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Exercises for office ergonomics, try these set of ergonomic drills and enjoy a healthier day at the office.

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